Top 7 Gangster Movies in 2023

Top 7 Gangster Movies in 2023

Gangster movies like Goodfellas are entertainment gems that you can’t resist watching. They are attractive and provide a lawless underworld that is revitalizing. You will want to know more about their carefree and violent gang environment because they are so fascinating.

You are aware of how excellent gangster films are if you have seen Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese. Shortly after its release, the film received numerous awards. The plot and screenplay were compared to those of The Godfather, the gold standard of gangster films.

Top 7 Gangster Movies in 2023:

Enjoy some crime drama by checking out our list of the seven best films that are like Goodfellas.

1. Godfather:

The Godfather is the first film on our list of the best crime dramas. It offers a touching family story by perfectly combining the world of gangsters and romantic curiosity. The story is still believable, despite the serious operatic tone of the film. Marlon Brando and Michael Corleone’s iconic roles in The Godfather will never be forgotten.

Vito and Michael Corleone, the film’s two main characters, are at the center of the story about an Italian American mafia family known as the Corleone family. From the beginning to the end, the story is about the difficulties that the family faces.

2. Scarface:

Scarface is one of the best films in its genre thanks to Al Pacino’s iconic performance in a story about rise and fall. In addition, the film’s structure and depth are enhanced by the direction of Brian De Palma and the script by Oliver Stone, making it even more intriguing. Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who moves to Miami in the 1980s and becomes a drug lord. This is the story that Scarface tells.

Despite being criticized for its excessively graphic content, the movie is still one of the best remakes ever. He has a natural talent for comedy, emotional drama, and brutality in the underworld.

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3. Dog Reserve:

This is an excellent account of the primary repercussions of a robbery that went wrong. Like his other works, Quentin beautifully captures the gangsters’ brutality and the central situation tension. Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, and Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs gave outstanding performances that brought the scene to life.

The film incorporates Tarantino’s trademarks of crime, violence, and pop culture allusions in a story that is elegant yet straightforward. Get the movie and watch it right away if you haven’t already.

4. Casino:

Martin Scorsese is responsible for the epic crime film Casino. It tells the story of the mob’s involvement in gambling in Las Vegas and is based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Nicholas Pileggi. Robert De Niro plays Sam Rothstein, a Jewish-American expert gambler who oversees the Tangier casino and hotel in Las Vegas. However, his position is difficult. He struggles to make ends meet in both his personal and professional lives due to the involvement of the mob and the breakdown of his relationships.

He is sorry for his life when there is no hope for him, and the whole situation is very charming. Sometimes, casinos are almost exactly like movies like Goodfellas. He still stands out, however, thanks to his incredible story and outstanding performances.

5. The decedents:

The Departed has an intriguing and twisted plot that is based on the Hong Kong crime film Internal Affairs, which came out in 2002. This film, which stars Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Wahlberg, is one of the best films about gangsters and crime on the list. A crime that takes place on the streets of Boston serves as the basis for this movie.

The Massachusetts State Police and the Irish mob have entered the Mole and are competing with one another to locate the perpetrators. Leonardo’s (Billy Corrigan) police have been given an undercover agent who has broken into the Irish mob.

6. Once upon a time in America:

The story of Noodles Aaronson, played by Robert De Niro, and his ill-fated friendship with Maximilian Berkovich, played by James Wood, is the focus of Once Upon a Time in America. This is a time-traveling tale to follow.

The two main characters lead a group of Jewish youth from the ghetto who eventually become New York gangsters. Through decades of love, lust, friendship, betrayal, greed, and the rise of the mob in America, the story follows their lives.

Despite the misogynistic treatment of women, the film’s compelling plot and well-developed characters keep you engaged. This film has everything a big-budget gangster movie needs, including a terrifying look into the underworld.

7. Pulp Fiction:

Another film by Quentin Tarantino, who also directed Pulp Fiction, never fails to entertain. This movie is about Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) and the people around him.

It is a non-linear narrative that demonstrates Marcellus’s friends’ attempts to fit into his gang empire. Meanwhile, Samuel Jackson and John Travolta play hitmen who are looking for a rogue boxer (Bruce Willis) who can connect them to Marcellus.

The 1970s Hong Kong cinema is the source of inspiration for this brilliantly written film. The entire credit for this bold film with a lot of drama and action goes to Quentin Tarantino, who wrote and directed it. Even though it’s a wild ride, it’s also a lot of fun and entertaining.


A great gangster film requires a lot of work. You won’t be able to keep the audience engaged until the very end of the script, the direction, story, and direction are all on point. Gangster films depict violence and heinous crimes, but too many of them can be offensive to the audience. Therefore, the narrative must strike a balance between sanity and brutality.

Goodfellas is a great example of a perfect gangster-crime movie. Few films can compare to Goodfellas’ level of excellence.