Top 6 Movies that are like Jack Reacher in 2023

Top 6 Movies that are like Jack Reacher in 2023

Jack reachers are thrillers and adventure films, especially those starring Tom Cruise. However, a perfect list of movies has been compiled by those who have already watched most of Tom Cruise’s work repeatedly.

Five people die in the case, and the only obvious suspect is a former military sniper. However, things change when he demands that the case be investigated for the company’s benefit.

Top 6 Movies that are like Jack Reacher in 2023:

The six best films that are like Jack Reacher are listed below.

1. Red:

One of the funniest movies we’ve ever seen is this one. Red is a movie you shouldn’t miss, especially for two specific reasons. It was inspired by action stories in comic books. One, if you like Bruce Willis, and two, if you like films like Jack Reacher. In this movie, Bruce Willis goes all in on the murderer who tried to kill him once and for all, exposing the mastermind of the entire plot.

But there are also some funny lines and enough jaw-dropping action scenes to keep you interested. However, the band of assassins is rendered defenseless by the unexpected heroism of our favorite former Black Ops member, Bruce Willis, and they ultimately surrender to him.

2. Foreigners:

The film is a fantastic take on the book Chinaman. Foreigners is a suspenseful and entertaining movie with all the elements of action, adventure, and drama. Here, Alien is Jackie Chan, our favorite, and the model for all the upcoming superheroes. However, Jackie Chan is once more demonstrating his versatility on screen by appearing in a variety of roles.

The main character, Jackie Chan, is an expert on the Vietnam War who wants to exact revenge on a terrorist group for killing his daughter by accident in an explosion. However, even though the movie progresses through a lot of change, tension remains throughout. one of the best alternatives to Jack Reacher and other films.

In this action title, Jackie Chan will bring the show back to life with highly strategic role-playing and incredible stunts performed by himself. Jackie Chan will top Jack Reacher’s heroism in this movie if you love him.

3. Atomic Blonde:

This is the pinnacle of everything you can do to talk about female empowerment in a movie series. The mission of M.I. 6 agents, led by Lorraine Broughton, is to locate a troubled spy in the West.

Atomic Blonde has a lot to stand for and is set in the late 1980s, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Charlize Theron, the actress who played Atomic Blonde, is very good at both acting and acting well.

It has a status comparable to that of Jack Reacher’s hero and beyond. There are a lot of parallels between this film and Jack Reacher, and you will enjoy it as well.

4. Mission Impossible 2:

The next movie on the list is Mission Impossible 2, which is one of the most-watched movies ever. Tom Cruise, one of our favorite action heroes, returns as Ethan Hunt in this movie to complete a task that no one else can.

The main characters in the story are Ethan Hunt and his team, who have to find the chimeric virus before it becomes a big threat to everyone in the world. When Sean Ambrose, his former partner, steals the virus, he must decide whether to trust Sean or the organization.

Mr. Cruise himself appears in several fight scenes and stunts in the movie. If I had to rate this movie in any way, I would say that it is a great action movie with a strategic twist. I’m still watching Mission Impossible 2 and just finished watching Jack Reacher. If not, get off the cliff you’re currently on.

5. The street king:

Street King has it all if you’re looking for a good police procedural. One of the first films to feature Keanu Reeves as a “tough guy” is this one. However, everything was altered by John Wick’s subsequent intervention. This article will talk more about that later. But getting back to Street King, the story of this movie is about a good police officer who stays true to his responsibilities.

He sets out to find the person responsible when he learns that his partner has been murdered. The movie shows that this devoted police officer can kill those responsible with cold blood when necessary.

This is the ideal antidote to this deadly virus because it lets you see the kind of corruption in your department. Keanu Reeves’ acting and action scenes keep this movie from being deemed bad, despite all of his flaws.

6. Uncontrolled:

Additionally, this film was one of the first to depict a “tough girl” in film. The film, which stars Gina Coreno, an MMA fighter and government agent in charge of covert operations, takes several interesting turns along the way: Someone in his office double-crosses him and leaves him alone when he helps a journalist escape.

However, her obstinate instincts instruct her to locate a double cross before it causes more trouble than she can imagine, and she does. Haywire is the next movie you should see if you liked Atomic Blonde and Jack Reacher.


I highly recommend checking out this list of movies if you just finished watching Jack Reacher. This is the best if you like movies with action and adventure in them.