Top 5 Horror Drama Films that Disappeared in 2023

Top 5 Horror Drama Films that Disappeared in 2023

We all enjoyed the movie Megan Has Disappeared. Megan Is Missing is a great film with unexpected horror twists that everyone who hasn’t seen it yet should see. On the other hand, you’ve come to the right place if you want to see more films like this one.

This ought to be on your watch list if Megan is missing or if you enjoy horror in general. So, without further ado, let’s get started: Here are the top five movies that are like what Megan is missing.

Top 5 horror drama films that disappeared in 2023:

1. Paranormal:

Since Paranormal is now one of the most established horror film franchises, it had to be included on this list. The movies in the Paranormal series are about a family that is controlled by demons. Additionally, the demon stalks and kills a few family members and observers. It is hauntingly terrifying because the paranormal has a very raw feel to it.

As if it were happening right in front of you, the entire film is shot with one camera, sending chills through the screen. When people watch a movie, it gives them nightmares. However, I highly recommend it, even though the paranormal is like Megan in some ways. I miss him.

Paranormal is the one movie you must see. We are also certain that you will enjoy Paranormal if you are a fan of movies like Megan is Missing.

2. Kidnapping of Deborah Logan:

The following film on our list is a terrifying documentary-style horror film. Mia, a graduate student, and Deborah and Sarah, a mother and daughter, are the focus of the film. Mia eventually realizes that Deborah has been taken over by a supernatural force after she begins documenting her life. Mia has noticed that strange and unusual activity has started to happen.

This film should be on your watch list if you enjoy slow-moving but punchy horror films. If you enjoyed Megan’s disappearance, you’ll also enjoy this movie because it features a sinister character.

3. Creep:

Chilling is the following film on the list. This film is frightful, as the title suggests. Nevertheless, this film differs slightly from previous horror flicks. As one would expect from a horror film, the atmosphere created on camera is eerie. However, before going over everything, let’s examine the plot.

The main characters in the movie are a client and a videographer. This client called this videographer to make a video for his unborn child after finding him in an advertisement in the newspaper. However, as the movie progresses, we learn that this eccentric client is hiding a great deal of information.

This is a great movie to watch if you like Megan disappearing because of the creepy sequence of events. It is well worth watching this movie because of the many twists and surprises it offers.

4. The Blair Witch Project:

Another horror movie shot on a camcorder, this one gives the viewer all the raw horror and horror elements. The fact that these three students decided to hike in the Black Hills near Burkittsville in search of the Blair Witch urban legend is interesting.

You shouldn’t be kidding because there is a legend that the Blair Witch lives in these hills and kills anyone who tries to enter. However, three logical film students make it up the hill without being discovered again.

However, a year later, locals discover her footage and camera equipment, which they analyze to reveal the harrowing Blair Witch Project events. If Megan simply vanishes, it’s a great movie because it has a lot to offer.

5. Unfriended:

The plot of the movie Unfriended is very similar to the one we just mentioned, but it is a little bit different. Six girls in Unfriended video chat with a dead friend who killed herself a year ago and send them a Skype message.

But at first, they deny it because someone is trying to trick them into being paralyzed. With them, a lot of sinister things start happening, causing a lot of drama and scary things. Because it redefines the horror genre, it’s the ideal film to watch if Megan goes missing.

This movie is terrifying because it depicts a common occurrence that can occur to anyone, and I also highly recommend it. Make sure to check out this movie if you haven’t already.


This list includes the five movies above because they are among the best five movies like Megan is Missing.