Top 5 Great Movies Like Pineapple Express in 2023

Top 5 Great Movies Like Pineapple Express in 2023

Rogen, Apatow, and Goldberg team up to make some of the best comedies of the decade. Pineapple Express is a good example of the work done by this trio. Dealers of marijuana, corrupt police officers, and hitmen are the main characters in the movie. There was even talk of making a sequel because the movie was perfect for people who liked comedy-action movies. But that didn’t happen, so there are movies like Pineapple Express that are similar. These fantastic suggestions will help you have a more successful movie night.

Top 5 Great Movies Like Pineapple Express to See in 2023:

The top five Pineapple Express-like films are listed below.

1. Harold White Castle:

This is not your typical comedy about stoners, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. This comedy about Buddy Stoner was directed by Danny Reiner. The film’s subversion of various racial stereotypes and likable lead characters have attracted a large following. Harold is a geeky accountant, and Kumar is a friend who can’t be stopped. When they see a White Castle commercial on television, the two are high and intrigued.

Because they crave burgers the most, they assume there must be a location nearby. In the middle of the night, they set out to locate White Castle Burger. Their journey, however, is not as smooth as anticipated.

They travel to New Jersey, where they meet many awkward people. The film is delightfully original, warm, and hilariously funny. The stoner comedy draws in the crowd, but the film’s heartwarming performances by the main characters bring them out. The film has a sweet, lovely charm that makes it easy to like.

2. Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels:

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a funny crime black comedy that is twisted and macabre. Guy Ritchie oversees the film’s direction, and it has an ensemble cast. The story was about a bad robbery that was followed by a string of crimes. Three of Eddy’s friends agree to play a very expensive poker game with him.

You will face Hatchet Harry, a well-known local criminal boss, in the game. Harry’s cheating cost Eddie the game. Additionally, losing entails repaying £500,000. He’ll have to give up his father’s pub to local criminals if he can’t pay her back. The four friends have a desperate hope that drug dealers will be robbed by their neighbors. They also decided to steal even more from the thieves.

The total number of inmates has increased by two. When an old double-barreled shotgun goes missing, things take a new turn. This movie takes a different approach to the ground with some unexpected turns and is an adventure. It will undoubtedly make you laugh out loud and make your heart race. This may be Guy Ritchie’s best work—or at least one of his best.

3. Interview:

The Interview is a poetic action-black comedy directed and co-produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Dan Sterling, Goldberg, and Rogen co-wrote the story for the movie. In addition to supporting roles, the film also features James Franco and Seth Rogen in the title role. The popular tabloid television show Skylark Tonight is produced by Aaron Rapoport and Dave Skylark.

They both learn that Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, enjoys the show a lot. They successfully interviewed him to demonstrate that they were genuine journalists. Things change, however, when they are assigned larger and more dangerous missions.

4. Superbad:

Greg Mottola is the director of the comedy Superbad, which is about growing up. Evan and Seth are played by Johann Hill and Michael Cera, respectively, in the film. Two high school students who are best friends are Seth and Evans. They are about to graduate and are very excited about their prom. They were able to get an invitation to the party through another otaku friend, Vogel, even though it was unlikely that they would be invited.

They want to blend in by taking a few steps because they want to be a part of the crowd. Vogel, on the other hand, gets into trouble with some police officers, so things don’t always go as planned. Separation anxiety further complicates his self-described mission.

In addition, what happens next if they do manage to obtain alcohol? After all, sexual initiation is just one reference point. The awkwardness and camaraderie of high school are perfectly depicted in the film. It seems at first like a movie about geeks trying to get to a party, but as the night goes on, it gets a lot wiser.

5. 21 Jump Street:

21 Jump Street is another movie that Movies Like Pineapple Express recommend. The movie is an action comedy about a friend of a police officer and is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The television series of the same name, which aired from 1988 to 1991, served as the basis for the film. Channing Tatum and Johann Hill play two undercover police officers in the movie. In 2005, Schmidt and Jenko were high school students, and in 2012, they became rookie police officers.

Although they are paired for a sting operation, the two have very little in common. They are sent back to high school as students to solve a drug case because of their failure. They exchange their weapons for books, and they go on a trip back in time. However, high school is no longer the same as it used to be, contrary to his expectations. However, one thing that has not changed is the anxiety and fear of adolescents.


Are you ready for a great comedy right now? Movies that are always funny and heartbreaking are on this list. Choose these if you want to have fun in the cold weather.