Top 5 Action Comedies Like Johnny English in 2023

Top 5 Action Comedies Like Johnny English in 2023

Rowan’s comedic performance is paired with an action thriller about a spy. The wit, suspense, espionage, and intelligence of Johnny English will probably captivate you if you are a fan. After an attack on MI5, the events of the film follow a naive spy who becomes Britain’s sole spy.

With its comedic and captivating performances, A Movie Like Johnny English is exciting and entertaining. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a new favorite movie after watching one like Johnny English.

Top 5 Action Comedies Like Johnny English in 2023:

Johnny English is very similar to the following five films.

1. Johnny English Reborn:

The best way to start the list is to talk about the Johnny English sequel. Coordinated by Oliver Park, Johnny English Renewed is an activity spy satire. The story of William Davis serves as the basis for this movie. To get over his shame, British agent Johnny English went to a Tibetan monastery. This was brought on by a disastrous mission that was followed by several devastating events in Mozambique.

However, films like Johnny English must resume production after receiving an urgent phone call. Johnny is being asked to lead a mission that only he can handle by MI-7. Johnny and Agent Tucker, his new partner, must plan missions using a variety of high-tech gear and combat abilities.

This time, the objective is to locate and kill Chinese Premier Xiang Ping. There is no room for Johnny to fail because he only has one chance to turn things around. Every audience will find something to laugh at in this movie. The movie is funny enough to keep the mood light and interesting enough to keep the audience interested. If you want to see the return of Britain’s likable spy, add this to your watchlist.

2. The UNCLE man:

A very entertaining spy thriller. The movie is a nod to the 1960s Cold War spy films and is based on the MGM television series of the same name. The film takes place during the Cold War in the 1960s. The fragile equilibrium that exists between the United States and the Soviet Union is disrupted by a covert criminal organization using nuclear technology and weapons.

Illya Kuryakin, a KGB agent, and Napoleon Solo, a CIA agent, are known to differ. However, to work together and prevent the bad guys from confusing everything, we need to keep them apart. The fact that a German scientist’s daughter is missing is his only clue.

They must locate her quickly and put an end to everything to avert this global catastrophe. Everything you’d expect from a spy movie can be found in this reboot.

Armand Hammer, Elizabeth Debicki, Henry Cavill, and Alicia Amanda star. Hugh Grant makes a cameo appearance as well. The performance is charming and cheerful.

3. Johnny English strikes again:

Additionally, we present a third Johnny English prequel. David Kerr is the director of this movie, which is the third in a series. Rowan Atkinson, the comedy hero, is back in this action-spy comedy. When a cyberattack reveals the identities of all the undercover agents, his new adventure begins. The Mystery Administration thinks about Johnny English, with all personalities uncovered, as his last expectation.

When he is summoned from his retreat, the first thing he has to do is figure out who the hacker is. However, he is a man who uses conventional strategies and has very little knowledge of contemporary technology. Will the challenges he faces as a nanotech expert be a hindrance or will he be able to complete his mission?

4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

Another action comedy is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was directed by Doug Lyman and written by Simon Kinberg. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, both excellent actors who give excellent performances, starred in the film. Even though the movie’s main characters gained more attention, the story was what kept people interested. The fun of the movie comes from their on-screen chemistry.

In a marriage that hasn’t changed, the couple lives a very standard life. Their marriage, on the other hand, is interesting for the fact that they are both occult murderers. When they set out on a mission to find and kill Benjamin Dunnes, the truth about them begins to emerge.

They discover more about each other than ever before during their marriage thanks to their search. However, to complete the mission, they must now kill one another. We improved its persuasiveness. Another must-see movie is this action-spy comedy.

5. Burn After Reading:

Burn After Reading is a well-liked black comedy crime thriller that was written, edited, directed, and produced by Joel and Ethan Coen. Numerous well-known actors appear in the film, including George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, and Brad Pitt. The Coen brothers have made an even smarter comedy with memorable characters and a quirky story.

Two gym workers, Linda Litzke and Chad Feldheimer are expected to pick up the puck. A memoir written by a former CIA analyst is on the disk. Both employees see it as a fantastic chance to make money. Linda believes that by selling her memoirs, she can fund life-altering cosmetic surgery.

They follow her to Osborne, who won’t sell. They arrive at the Russian embassy by following Osborne. However, they believe they must uncover some of Osborn’s secrets, so they follow every path to the man. This is me. Even though this black comedy is a complete failure, the film is still enjoyable and worthwhile.


With our selection of big-budget films like Johnny English, we hope you found what you were looking for. if you’re looking for a mix of action, humor, and suspense. All of these recommendations for movies should be seen. At a Night Inn, these are some of the most exciting and entertaining films.