Top 4 Trilogy Movies to Watch on a Weekend Like Maze Runner in 2023

Top 4 Trilogy Movies to Watch on a Weekend Like Maze Runner in 2023

Maze Runner was a huge success right away. Teenagers are entangled in a maze in this movie. Outside of the maze, they live their lives. There are many dangerous creatures in the maze that you can even kill. Teens must choose between staying where they are and attempting to improve their lives. You must put your life at risk for either option. The audience in Maze Runner is motivated to see teens succeed by the complex story it tells. Check out the list to see which movies you can watch if you like The Maze Runner.

Top 4 Trilogy Movies to Watch on a Weekend Like Maze Runner in 2023:

We’ve compiled a list of 2022 movies that are like The Maze Runner.

1. The Hunger Games:

When you think of films like The Maze Runner, the first movie that comes to mind is The Hunger Games. One of the most well-known franchises in the industry is The Hunger Games, and both the first movie and its follow-up have been well-received by audiences. The film is based on a Suzanne Collins young adult novel. The movie is regarded as one of the best adaptations of young adult novels for the big screen. Gary Ross did an excellent job as director of The Hunger Games, and the film does the book and novel justice.

The movie takes place in a future where things are done very differently than they are now. A brand-new world with its own set of rules is shown to us. The life of people who live under a totalitarian regime is the focus of the movie. There are twelve districts in this tyranny, each with a specific function.

The importance of a school district and the kind of work it assigns are ranked. In the capital, annual games are held under the direction of rulers. The Hunger Games is the name given to this event. A select group of young people from 12 districts will have to fight each other to the death in this competition. These individuals are referred to as tributes.

2. Divergence:

Another adaptation of the well-known young adult novel is Divergent. The script by Veronica Roth is perfectly executed in the movie.

Because it closely follows the adventure and thriller genres, the movie is very similar to The Maze Runner. This film also depicts the scene from The Maze Runner in which individuals attempt to overcome all obstacles and animosity.

The movie takes place in a future world where things have changed. A new order has taken its place in society. Five groups or factions make up the New Order. You are required to select one of five factions when you turn 16, They have the option of joining a new faction or remaining in their faction with their family. Tris Prior’s life is depicted in this film.

3. Inception:

We generally concur with the adage that Christopher Nolan does not produce bad films. In order not to distract the audience from the story, the film explores novel ideas and helps them comprehend them.

The goal of the movie is to handle a fantastic idea while also providing a satisfying viewing experience for the public. Nolan has never been afraid to show off his creativity and ability as a director in film.

Although the actors performed their roles so well, nothing should diminish the director’s praise. In this film, Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio play prominent roles. Every actor does a fantastic job playing their roles. Their acting and acting alone elevate the film to a whole new level.

The movie shows a timeline that lets you enter your dreams. The protagonist and his group are sophisticated thieves who use technology to break into people’s dreams and spy on businesses. They steal secrets and valuable information.

4. Dark City:

We would have missed out on seeing the movie if we hadn’t included Dark City on our list. Dark City is a film that jumps right into the action. It plunges you into the unknown and allows you to feel exactly what the actors are feeling on screen.


Great films like “The Maze Runner” provide audiences with an original ideas. The films on the list have a lot in common with The Maze Runner. It’s a great movie to watch after watching movies like The Maze Runner, which has a similar plot.