Top 4 Thriller Movies to Watch Like Peppermint in 2023

Top 4 Thriller Movies to Watch Like Peppermint in 2023

The Godfather, Titanic, and The Wolf of Wall Street have had a lot of fans since they came out. When it comes to superheroes, there is an entire cinematic universe, such as the DC Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, aside from these mainstream films, certain films are referred to as classics and have attracted a lot of attention.

The movie depicts the transformation of a mild-mannered girl into a ruthless murderer for the people she cares about most. She locates and eliminates the gang members responsible for her parent’s murder. Therefore, the film is a masterful work of art because it moves at a perfect pace and has a well-rounded plot that keeps the audience engaged.

A few other films, like Peppermint, have gained a lot of popularity due to their acting, plots, and representation of the genre. In advance, it is explained so that she can read it and verify it.

Top 4 Thriller Movies to Watch Like Peppermint in 2023:

The four best films that are like Peppermint are listed below.

1. Taken:

One of the most successful movies in the same genre as It and Peppermint was Taken. Due to the film’s enormous success, two additional films and a television series were based on it. This film marks a turning point in Liam Neeson’s career as a dramatic actor. It was said that Liam was a character who did well in dramatic roles. However, after his performance, Liam turned out to be more interested in thrillers and action.

The protagonist of the film plays a CIA agent whose daughter is taken from her in Paris. In contrast to typical vigilante films, this one demonstrates what parents can do for their children even when they are in another country.

The film, which was directed by Pierre Morel of Peppermint, is an excellent work of art. The story progresses as the protagonist goes on a rampage to save his daughter, and the movie is packed with action, excitement, and heartbreaking scenes. For fans of movies like Peppermint, this one is a complete package.

2. Punisher:

There are Marvel characters who carry out acts of vengeance against those who inflict harm on others in a variety of ways.

The film’s lead performance by Thomas Jane was exceptional. He played the Punisher character perfectly, and the film’s villainous kingpin also achieved such success thanks to him. This film is unlike any other with Marvel superheroes because the heroes are so strong that the villains are easy to defeat.

It aims to test a person’s determination to fight for justice and become a vigilante to bring it to the people. Therefore, the movie is a must-see for anyone who hasn’t seen Marvel’s vigilante-based thrillers.

3. Equalizer:

Additionally, Daniel Washington impressed moviegoers with his ability to bring the characters from the 1980s television show to life in the film. As a film adaptation of the 1980s television show, The Equalizer was released in 2014. The character in the movie is a man who finds his true calling in becoming a vigilante after being completely different in his life.

Daniel portrays a government fixer who is accustomed to carrying out activities about which the public would not be aware. He realizes that his true purpose in life is to become a vigilante, a man who protects those who cannot protect themselves, after retiring from this service.

The main characters do a lot to make this movie worth watching, and there is a lot of action in it. Because it is a movie, Sundays are a great day to watch it.

4. Death Wish:

There are two films with the same name but with different characters and periods. This is a discussion about the 2018 film Death Wish. The film is either a sequel to or an adaptation of the Bruce Willis-starring 1974 film of the same name. He became a vigilante to get revenge for his family’s death, which shocked him.

In the most recent editions, the story has not changed, but this time Bruce Willis takes on the role of a less masculine body doctor to exact revenge. The movie isn’t that easy because the guy here is a doctor and not very attractive.

The protagonist cleverly uses this opportunity to seek vengeance for his past mistakes. A complete package to watch with his family and entertain his audience.


Peppermint’s genre is shared by the above films. Since their release, these films have given their lead actors new roles and a large following of fans. These movies have a lot of excitement and suspense, as well as all the action you might want to see.