Top 4 Comedy Movies that Are Like Groundhog Day in 2023

Top 4 Comedy Movies that Are Like Groundhog Day in 2023

A movie like Groundhog Day is something you can watch repeatedly and enjoy. It is also one of the best comedies, and Bill Murray gives the best performance in it. The plot is straightforward. Phil, a meteorologist, is played by Bill Murray. Phil is very egotistical. He once went outside to report on the groundhog’s story.

Comedy films are particularly entertaining. We decided to compile a list of films with similar premises or time loops because the movie’s premise is not novel and has been the subject of numerous films. I hope you find a decent movie and have fun.

Top 4 comedy Movies that are like Groundhog Day in 2023:

The top four films that are like Groundhog Day are listed below.

1. Primer:

Primer is one of those movies that you go to to have a good time, but in the end, you feel lost, strange, and curious: What have you just seen? which indicates that everything is excellent. Anyone who enjoys sci-fi films should check out Primer.

Even though it’s not the best sci-fi movie you’ll ever see, you’ll always remember to recommend it to people who ask for recommendations. It indicates that you made something in your garage. Although they are certain that the device is very significant, they are unsure of its exact nature.

It can be difficult for the viewer to even comprehend the device or the topic of these two conversations. However, that is intended. We are drawn into the movie by the chaos it creates.

The film is about the duo’s experiments with devices and the strange experiences they have, without giving away much of the plot. The machine they have built is a time machine. Sullivan appears as Abe.

This movie was made by Shane. He directed, starred in, and edited the film with just $7,000 in funds. Additionally, he created the background score. This demonstrates that good movies don’t always require millions of dollars. Even with a low budget, the primer looks good and doesn’t affect the film’s quality.

2. Triangle:

Triangle is the subsequent film you should watch if you want a premise that is comparable to that of Groundhog Day. The genre of this film is sci-fi horror. Therefore, I think you will enjoy this movie if you are a fan of horror films. The premise is that Jess has an autistic son and is a single mother. She and a few others take a boat trip one day.

On the other hand, the ship might get caught in a storm and sink if you’re lucky. While others cling to the overturned boat, one of the passengers is swept away. Fortunately, the group decides to board an ocean liner to save themselves when it passes by. The ships are available, but they appear to be abandoned.

Although this film does not have a high rating, I believe it to be one of those underappreciated films that you will immediately recommend to your friends if they have not yet seen it. Try Triangle if you want to watch a movie that not only plays with your mind but also has elements of horror.

3. Christmas every day:

Now, any horror film or sci-fi thriller begins with a time loop. The following films, on the other hand, are worth a look if you enjoy the comedic and life-affirming aspects of Groundhog Day. This film is about Christmas, as the title suggests, so it might not appeal to everyone.

We enjoyed watching it, and it reminded us a little bit of Groundhog Day. The film features Yvonne Zima as Billy’s sister and a young Eric von Detten as the self-centered teen Billy.

Billy has a bad Christmas because he finds out that his father will soon close due to his uncle’s plans to open a mall in town. When Billy mentions this to his sister, she decides that it would be preferable to spend Christmas every day. Wishes are granted, but Billy must now endure this day repeatedly. It’s a typical family film that works well for Christmas.

4. Run Lola Run.

Why I haven’t heard of this movie is beyond me. Parallel timelines and similar features are well utilized in this. It demonstrates the various outcomes that a person can achieve based on their actions. Although this is not a film that is directly based on a time loop, it does repeat the same set of events three times without much change.

The movie surprised me in a good way, even though I wasn’t expecting much from it. The story’s main character is Laura. Mani is her boyfriend. Mani called her and informed her that 100,000 DM had been stolen from her in the subway. She is required to repay the gang, and if she does not, they will execute him.

The outcomes vary slightly from time to time, depending on what you do and who you talk to. Tom Tykwer, a German director, is in charge. Moritz Breibtreu will play Manni, and Franka Potente will play Laura. Check out this movie if you liked Groundhog Day’s premise.


We hope you’ll find something you like to choose from. The idea of getting stuck and having to relive the same day repeatedly is actually what makes time-loop movies so fascinating. However, this concept has been the subject of numerous poorly executed films.