Top 10 Best Must-See Movies for Students of Sociology

Top 10 Best Must-See Movies for Students of Sociology

Movies – Sociology is unquestionably one of the most underappreciated and exciting sciences. Sociology is the study of human social relations and society as a whole, including religious and penal systems, social classes, cultural systems, and beliefs. Sociologists seek to comprehend how a person’s perceptions are shaped by the cultural and social structures that surround them as well as by human behavior and consciousness.

We are taught to be critical thinkers about human social life and to ask pertinent research questions as students. We can simultaneously solve social issues by gathering and evaluating empirical data. Improve the quality of your movies by selecting the best movie tablet. Films that show serious social conflicts are a great way to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, offer conflict resolution strategies, and comprehend how problems arise in communities.

Top 10 Best Must-See Movies for Students of Sociology:

1. Directed Blindspotting (2018). Estrada, Carlos Lopez:

The film is honest and talks about gentrification, racial profiling, and how tensions are getting worse in vulnerable communities. A must-read for anyone interested in comprehending privilege, community inequality, and the systematic abuse of power. At the same time, it is a routine and terrifying tale about a person trying to play by the system’s rules.

2. Lyubov Arx’s Anton’s Right Here (2012):

A powerful documentary about a boy with autism who is fed up with institutions and the lack of education about people with special needs is about him. The low likelihood of social adjustment or acceptance into professional institutions, the punitive and medicinal methods of reducing people to mindless bodies, and the lack of professionalism.

3. Emma by Pablo Larran (2019):

The film, which looks at Chilean culture, perfectly reflects the pressures that women face in Latin American culture. The movie is fun to watch as well as informative about the issues women face today and in the past. It is an excellent investigation of how culture enforces gender roles and expectations.

4. Addiction, by Abel Ferrara (1995):

Despite being a vampire horror film, the connection between blood addiction and substance abuse is clear. The film demonstrates how drugs and alcohol are mismanaged as a problem in the health system and how vulnerable certain groups are. In addition, there are a lot of monologues about self-destruction and salvation that are devoted to philosophers.

5. The movie Girl Going Home Soly at Night was directed by. Amirpour, Ana Lily:

A beautiful black-and-white film with an Iranian cast, Iranian actors, and a small town as its setting. Sociology, class divisions, drug addiction, women’s disempowerment, and the subsequent struggle to restore balance are among the many familiar topics. It also examines the issues associated with small towns, such as crime and a lack of opportunities for young people in these areas.

6. Directed Children (1995). Clark, Larry:

The perfect character study of a shy, hardworking teenager can be found in this film. This is a study of how young people rebel against outdated values when their homes, schools, and churches fail to give them the meaning and communication they need. The characters in the movie, on the other hand, are aware that they do not have the help they need or anything that works for them.

7. Corpus Christi, by Komasa Jean in 2019:

A great study of small-town communities, juvenile justice, and religion. It demonstrates that unconventional approaches can facilitate reconciliation and healing. It also demonstrates the difficulty of escaping that role and the stigma that society places on it.

8. Reetta Huhtanen’s Gods of Mollenbeek (2019):

A moving documentary about youth and friendship. You can think back on your childhood and consider how the people, events, and culture shaped your views and goals. This documentary looks at politics, religion, and culture, as well as how children learn and change what they learn.

9. Director, Daniel Blake (2016). Loach Ken:

A powerful film about the difficulties of working in the Northeast of England, class, and age. He successfully combines his protagonist’s cold and pessimistic look with witty British humor. This demonstrates the difficulties people face and the choices they make to overcome the odds, as well as imperfect systems.

10. The 1990 film Paris Is Burning, produced by Jenny Livingston:

The documentary itself has become a phenomenon. Learn about the isolated LGBTQ+ African American and Latino youth community’s ballroom culture. Themes of race, gender, violence, class, and community are examined in Paris Is Burning. Any student’s watch list should have a special place for this movie.

If you major in sociology, you might not stand out from other moviegoers. and other services dedicated to the in-depth study and analysis of the film as a means of communicating sociological themes and concepts offer additional film analysis.